What Is 5 Axis Machining?

5-Axis machines are the most advanced CNC (computer numeric controlled turning&milling) machining center, adding two more axes in addition to the three normal axes (XYZ). 5-Axis machining center also have a B and C axis, allowing the horizontally mounted workpiece to be rotated, essentially allowing asymmetric and eccentric turning. The fifth axis controls the tilt of the tool itself. When all of these axes are used in conjunction with each other, a competent and experienced machinist can produce extremely complicated geometries with very high precision.

What Is Swiss Machining
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The Applications 5-Axis Machining

Many industries today, especially the high-tech, precision-dependent worlds of optical equipment, medical devices, satellites, aircraft, and aerospace, are turning to 5-Axis machining as a means to speed manufacturing ability and increase repeatable accuracy. The ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup reduces tooling cost and labor time, resulting in much better precision along with lower cost per part and the ability to maintain parts conformity throughout the part run and in future runs.

PTJ Prototype meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Our precision and productivity is made possible by our ultimate success factor: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable PTJ experts in 5 axis machining and precision turned parts.

Why Choose PTJ For Your 5 Axis Projects

PTJ Prototype has been producing high-quality precision CNC turned parts since 2007. We are located in Dongguan, China, 20 minutes from downtown shenzhen. We are a steady, growing business with a well-established history of providing top-quality precision CNC machining at competitive prices.

We specialize in close-tolerance precision CNC Machining: CNC Swiss Machining , Precision Tutning,5 Axis Turning. We service all commercial industries with our main concentration being precision 5 axis machining for the medical, dental, aerospace, defense, hydraulic, and automotive industries. For small and large lot CNC machining production, from prototypes to sub-assemblies, we are your precision 5 axis machining solution.


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5-Axis Machining is the ultimate machining solution for high accurate and robust unattended complex work.It offers infinite possibilities in the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process. Contact PTJ Shop for this service.

turn-mill combination aluminum parts
Rail Light Stainless Steel Shaft
Stainless Steel Modulus Worm Shaft
3 threaded stainless steel screw
Copper fiber AC DC pin
Conical enveloped cylindrical worms ZK shaft
Air Compressor Tubing Copper Joint
Air Compressor Tubing Copper Joint
Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Parts