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Chip Breaking Analysis Of Parts In Swiss Machining

What is Chip Breaking?

In the cutting process, chipping chips will splash and hurt people, and it is easy to damage the Swiss bed; while long strips of chips will be wrapped around the workpiece or tool, easily scratching the workpiece, causing tool damage, and even affecting worker safety. For automatic machining machines such as CNC Swiss, due to the large number of tools and the close relationship between the tool holder and the tool, the problem of chip breaking becomes even more important. As long as the chip breaking of the tool is not reliable, the automatic cycle of the Swiss bed may be destroyed. Even destroying the normal operation of the entire automatic line, so when designing, selecting or sharpening tools, the reliability of tool chip breaking must be considered. And for Swiss beds, etc., and should meet the following requirements

Analysis of chip breaking of Swiss machining parts by China precision machining factory

  • Swarf must not be tangled around the tool, workpiece and adjacent tools and equipment;
  • The chips should not be splashed to ensure the safety of the operator and the observer;
  • During finishing, the chips should not scratch the processed surface of the workpiece, affecting the quality of the processed surface;
  • Guarantee the durability of the tool, do not wear it prematurely and try to prevent its damage;
  • When the chips flow out, it does not hinder the injection of cutting fluid;
  • The chips will not scratch the machine tool guide rail or other parts.
Now the equipment commonly used in Swiss machining has been favored by businesses in different fields and industries. The overall performance is very excellent. After several years of improvement and improvement, the production and machining efficiency has also been improved, and the equipment structure has been simplified. , Suitable for use in more fields.

Swiss lathe daily management and matters needing attention

   1. Precautions when installing Swiss lathe, pay great attention to avoid installation deviations during installation.

  • The tightening of the gland should be performed after the coupling is aligned, the bolts should be evenly supported, to prevent the end of the gland from deflecting, check each point with a feeler gauge, the error is not greater than 0.05 mm;
  • Check the fit clearance (that is, concentricity) of the gland and the outer diameter of the shaft or bushing. The circumference should be uniform. Use a feeler gauge to check that the tolerance of each point is not greater than 0.01 mm.

   2. The spring compression should be carried out according to the regulations.

The Tianjin lathe is not allowed to be too large or too small, and the error is required to be 2.00 mm. Excessive assembly increases the specific pressure of the end face, and the end face wears at another speed. Too small will cause insufficient specific pressure and cannot play a sealing role.

   3. After the moving ring is installed, the beard must be able to move flexibly on the shaft.

After the Jinshang lathe presses the moving ring against the spring, it should automatically spring back.

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