Cnc lathe machining services for metal and plastic parts.



Machining scope of orthopedic accessories

  • 1. Bone screw whirlwind milling, including whirlwind milling power tool holder, cutter head and blade (triangular and sharpened round blade);
  • 2. Internal thread whirlwind milling, smaller to M1.00 (When the machine speed is not enough, it can be used with an accelerated drilling tool holder);
  • 3. The special sharpening and high precision tolerance control blades and small hole boring tools for Swiss automatic vehicles;
  • 4. Mini indexable insert milling cutter (smaller 2mm) and chamfering drill, etc.;
  • 5. Internal polygonal punching tool holder;
  • 6. Micro-diameter reamer (smaller 0.2mmH6) and floating reamer handle;
  • 7. Micro-diameter drill (smaller 0.05mm) and milling cutter (smaller 0.1mm);

Advantages of thread milling with cyclone milling machine

Compared with other general thread processing methods, cyclone milling has the following advantages:

  • 1. High processing efficiency, more than 10 times higher than traditional processing efficiency;
  • 2. Because of the forming process, the product is formed in one cut, and the eccentric cutting does not need to be retracted, and the precision is high;
  • 3. The whirlwind mill transformed by the lathe does not change the structure of the lathe, the spiral angle can be adjusted, and the installation is convenient; saving the cost of investing in special machine equipment;
  • 4. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.8 microns, and the processing accuracy is improved by 2 levels;
  • 5. The axial feed of the lathe is slow, easy to operate, and the professional skills of the workers can be reduced;

Cyclone milling can process thread, bone screw, screw, worm and screw parts.

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