Where is the road to CNC machining development?

A few days ago, PTJ Engineering issued a document saying that it “processed CNC low-cost orders.” This will hurt yourself and your colleagues and customers! After reading, I was very impressed, and the industry has developed to this day. Do you have to fight hard for the unit price? There are more than 1 million CNC machine tools in China. Instead of reducing the unit price by 5%, but by reducing the processing time by 5%, it will greatly accelerate the development of the entire industry!

In the absence of raw material changes, process innovation and improvement, where is the CNC process? Through online research and offline interviews, the author finally discovered UniForge’s wonderful solution for ultra-fast forging.

The traditional CNC Machining method is to purchase aluminum extrusion materials and clamp the entire aluminum extrusion materials in a fixing process. This process can be saved or saved.

  1. Aluminum extrusion material (can it be cheap? Can it be stored in small pieces? Can some materials be stored? Can recycled materials be used?
  2. Shorten the CNC machining time (optimize the machining path? Reduce the number of tools? If the feed rate is too fast, the feed rate is too fast? Is the machining tool too fast or too expensive?
  3. Increasing tool production (design to reduce work stations? Improvement of fixture design? Control of processing temperature conditions? Tool life management…)

However, the CNC machining industry has become a bottleneck. The materials used in emerging materials such as ceramics, liquid metals, and stainless steel do not reduce costs, and the processing is not profitable, and it is not so easy. The launch of UniForge is a breakthrough in material and process innovation!

Compared with traditional hydraulic forging, there are much fewer parts to be processed, and even the structure of the inner cavity is forged. Traditional hydraulic forging is impossible. More importantly, the required raw materials have also been reduced by 40% to 50%.

The original Unibody full CNC machining requires a fixture, so it needs about 8mm. The aspect ratio is much larger than UniForge, UniForge ultra-fast forging only needs 4mm! Think again. Usually only save 3%, but 5% can compete with material suppliers for a long time. Using UniForge not only saves raw materials, but also shortens the CNC machining time, which has a great impact on the CNC machining industry.

It is understood that this UniForge ultra-fast forging method is based on Taiwan Pinda Technology. This process was not originally developed for the electronics industry, so cell phone manufacturers know little about it.

The picture above shows the UniForge aluminum alloy mobile phone case. Seeing this, many people thought of future 5G mobile phones. This is a middle frame + double-sided glass structure, but as the thickness decreases, strength becomes a major issue. Many people have questions, can iPhone X SUS316 stainless steel be forged? Yes. According to Pindar Technology, they forged stainless steel! Yes, UniForge originally required some cumbersome processes of “forging + tempering”, but changed to a single process. Can UniForge forge a project? !! Yes, there is only one item. This set of molds forges the next semi-finished product. The forging ratio is much better than traditional forging, which not only saves material usage, but also reduces CNC machining time. The author boldly speculates that if a stainless steel frame can be forged with UniForge, the cost should at least be lower than traditional craftsmanship.

Due to the large loss of processing tools, the processing cost of stainless steel is about twice that of aluminum machining. Stainless steel has high toughness, long processing time and high processing cost. Therefore, especially the middle frame, the structure and appearance characteristics of stainless steel are very good. For example, the iPhone X. iPhone X box is made of SUS 316 stainless steel, and the middle plate is injection molded from magnesium alloy. After the completion, the ribs of the two books are joined together. Apple’s stainless steel frame and magnesium alloy injection molding plate are said to cost more than 320 RMB! This should be done by the author, to help people laugh, can it be combined with stainless steel UniForge+ aluminum alloy plate at this price!

Iphone X internal structure

Establishing a position in the processing industry is a difficult task. As market cost pressures continue to rise, fundamental changes must be made before they can gain breathing space and growth space. As the engineer said, the unit price hurts himself, Pete’s colleagues, Pete’s customers! UniForge ultra-fast forging seems to be a good solution.

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